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Hello, everyone! Welcome to pncast, the community for everything you could ever want to know about Paris&&Nickycast. This is Courtney/catalystveritas.

Paris&&Nickycast is where Courtney/catalystveritas and Karrie/myst56 post their weekly updates for their podcast.
This podcast is not actually about Paris & Nicky Hilton, they are just our nicknames [Courtney=Nicky;Karrie=Paris]. We do, however, discuss a number of different things such as LJ, movies, music, and multiple fandoms.

Podcasts are released on a weekly basis on Mondays. The following days include creating transcripts and formulating ideas for our next show. Though we have not yet uploaded our show onto iTunes, you can always direct download at our show's website, Lena's Chimera: P&Ncast.

This LiveJournal community was created for reference and fan interaction, such as questions, polls, and show updates. Please feel free to join and friend this community to keep up with our updates and listen to our show regularly.

Please stay tuned and look for our FIRST EVER EPISODE tomorrow, January the 23rd!
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