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//003 Episode 1 has been released!

Episode 1 is now online!

On this week's show...
- The Minstrel's Prayer by Cartel is this week's Song of the Week. Check them out here and here
- Courtney gives a brief introduction to our first ever podcast, explaining our podcast name
- We explain what LiveJournal is to those who don't know what it is
- Courtney lists our top ten LJ elites
- We speculate on how indilime's username is actually pronounced
- Karrie informs everyone on her's and Courtney's plans to take over the LJ world
- We discuss the many fandoms of LiveJournal which include Harry Potter, Lost, and Veronica Mars
- Our favourite communties/most popular ones are speculated over
- We reminisce about our own community attempts and how we horrible failed
- We talk a little bit about our own journals and friends lists
- Graphic Designing Tip of the Week - DON'T. USE. PAINT.
- Karrie's Joke of the Week
- Favourite Celebrity of the Week: Garrett Hedlund
- LJ rating communities: the good, the bad, and the conceited
- Random and interesting LJ facts
- Meme of the Week: Top 5 Meme! Remember to comment on this post with your recorded voice messages or comments for the meme!
- Next week's discussion: Harry Potter and the theories that surround it
Since we have not yet been put onto iTunes, you can download it here (from MegaUpload) until we get our website up.

>>Direct download .zip File [38.1MB]<<
Running Time: 00:43:07
Transcription coming soon...

p.s. _cameraxwhore kicked me out? haha, don't apply there! jk...or something.
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